Smart IOT 2018

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Created on: May 05, 2018

Updated on: June 14, 2018

Written by Sehinde Raji

In March, I attended the Smart IOT conference at the London Excel arena.

It was a fabulous event, I met Bybreen there and before we scouted around the exhibition multiplex we checked the schedules to see which presentations would be beneficial for us. If you don’t already know we are both working on a series of Blockchain web development services projects at the moment and the reason why we attended was to find out more information about blockchain.



Soon after we arrived there was a presentation about the implementation of Blockchain and this was hosted by Rene Bostick.

Rene is the vice president of Innovation and new Technologies and she has been instrumental in the implementation of block chain technology at Walmart. 

Blockchain is about how we can build trust and transparency in to the ecosystems that we are building. IBM have built Hyperledger Fabric as a means to bridge the gap with block chain. They have created a system where you can track commodities using a shared ledger. This is a truly ground-breaking technology and it is important that we use our common sense when we apply this technology to the various every day uses.

Talking of which there is a slogan that Walmart has used and it is “from farm to fork”. Walmart has used this concept and applied it to the retail and farming sectors and they have used it to monitor the DNA of the cattle using smart IOT devices. This information has been implemented on the block chain and it is there for them to see how what the cattle’s condition is and where they are within the farm.

Have a look at our summarisation of this talk here:


Fireside Chats

During the afternoon, we attended a fireside talk that discussed a series of block chain projects. One of which was a panel discussion about a web development services application that was designed to bring the creative industries together.

For example, during film making you have the actors, producers etc. and there was a gap in the market where there wasn’t a common application that encompassed payments as a whole.

The founder of this application collaborated with Imperial College, London to help garner further research in to her project and they developed a partnership. They managed to fix the exchange rate that they used to pay these creative pools of talent so that they weren’t making a loss when they exported this concept to the rest of Europe and beyond.

And finally, there was a panellist that discussed the benefits of an ICO offering, he spoke about how you can achieve this from a cryptocurrency or bitcoin perspective. Even though this wasn’t particularly relevant to the web development services projects that we are building it was useful to know that you can raise capital using this method.

This was a really enjoyable event and I discovered that there are more ways to skin a cat as they say. This is an event that I will be attending every year as my knowledge about block train and its intricacies expand my mind.

Stay tuned for more info from other tech meet-ups from The link also provides information about the web development services we offer.