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Created on: November 16, 2018

Updated on: November 23, 2018

At the end of May 2018, I was invited to a conference that is dedicated to the Rust programming language. And you may be asking what is the Rust programming language. I have never heard of it and it all sounds way too geeky for me.

How can Rust be used in Web Development Services?

Well it’s a programming language that is growing in popularity and as you may know there is a theoretical limit on how fast our computers will run in the future this is due to quantum physics.

I won’t get in to the details about that, but Rust is a language that seeks to overcome this by allowing computer programmers to run their code using different threads.

Anyway, back to the conference, it was hosted in Paris this year and I hopped on a Eurostar the day before and on the previous night I had a wonderful night out with a Parisian friend.

Different ways of learning in Web Development

The first day we kicked off with a talk by Vaidehi Joshi she had a really interesting story because she didn’t come in to Tech through the usual CS higher education route. She learnt the basics of computer engineering and she developed a training course about it. It was really interesting to learn about the different types of learning and the fact that there are lots of different ways of learning. I have a keen interest in this field as I have worked in schools and workplaces training people. The style of learning that appeals to me most is visual learning and I have embraced e-learning because I like the visual engagement that it has to offer.

Web Development Day 1 morning

The next three talks went over my head somewhat this is because I am very new to Rust and the concepts that were talked about I hadn’t seen as yet. These talks were rustls, immutable data structures and why you want to use them and yew Rust web assembly. There were aspects that I could apply using the weaker typed languages that I use, as the basic concepts are still the same.

However, as you know with most things the proof is in the pudding so they say so it’s really important that you use the language to gain the practical experience with it. I am currently going through a lot of tutorials and these are posted on GitHub this is so that I become better acquainted with the syntax and I intend to use the libraries to build test web projects.

Please check out my link to my GitHub account here: Github

Blockchain Infrastructure Rusting Ship

Web Development Day 2

In the afternoon, there were a number of talks and some of the highlights I enjoyed were the Monotron: Making an 80s-style computer with a $20 as part of his web development services toolkit.

This speaker had a distinctive style and he carried out a number of practical exercises to keep us engaged. The talk was focused on how you can use a cheap dev kit to run an embedded rust program.

And I also enjoyed Supercharging Rust Communities Matt Gathu set up a Rust community in Nairobi, Kenya and he spoke about the challenges and success that were associated with it. He is a strong advocate of Rust and on the Sunday evening we enjoyed wonderful conversations about our experiences about web development services.

Web Development Day 2 Workshops

Meanwhile, the next day was the workshop day and there were a number of workshops to choose from. I took the advice of a new Rust enthusiast I met there and I opted to go to Workshop: RustBridge which is an all-day workshop focused on getting underrepresented people with a background in another programming language to learn Rust and join the community. I thought that this was the best opportunity to learn Rust in a supportive environment.

The Beauty of Parisian Buildings in a Web Development Context

On arrival at the event I was struck at how beautiful, elegant and elaborate the building was, usually in the UK I have seen a lot of buildings that are old but they tend to be in bad taste. The colour schemes are all over the place or the buildings themselves can be dilapidated (there are exceptions to this though).

This event was held at Mozilla’s Paris office and I had not seen a building that was this remarkable, the style and flair were extremely impressive check out a picture of the ceiling in the room that the workshop was in here:


The workshop was really busy and there were roughly 50 people there and we started off by installing Rust and we completed a series of data structure exercises to help us get better acquainted with the syntax of the Rust language. Our teacher was Ashley Williams and she was really good at explaining the new concepts in lots of detail. There were mentors that were strategically placed to offer help and expertise as we navigated ourselves across the Rust water from one side of the lake to the other so as to say.

Socialising with Web Developers

I really enjoyed the social aspects of being in a workshop consisting of software developers from all walks of life, the pace that was set initially was a little too fast at first and I eventually got my bearings and I settled in and started to understand where we were heading to. I have decided to set aside 2 days a week to get better acquainted with the language and I hope to upload projects using Rust in the not too distant future. RustFest was an amazing conference,

I liked the holistic approach on Day 1 together with the practical aspects of Rust on Day 2 of the workshop.

The best thing about the weekend was that I was able to mingle and meet lots of people from all over Europe.

Beware of the Rust Web Developer Ghosts!

I attended the main conference and the workshop days however there were a number of inset days that I did not attend. These inset days helped prepare you to perform product requests and features. I attempted to do a PR at home a few weeks after I got back and my mentor was @skade, and it is sad to report that he hung me out to dry and ghosted me in the process.

RustFest does a great job in helping those from minority communities to participate in their conferences and I like the fact that we are helping each other to build our web development services skills together.

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