Branding for Success | Part 1

Building your business

Created on: April 25, 2018

Updated on: April 25, 2018

Written by Karan Kanuga

Today we are beginning a new series called building your business and as part of this we are kicking off with our first article titled "Branding for Success".

What is it ?

A networking event held in Harrow the last Thursday of every month; in an office space owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland and organised by the National Westminster Bank, I was looking forward to this already to see how well the logistical part of this would behave, and then some.

Proverbial proxy

My web development services business partner having signed up for this had other commitments that he had to attend to and I became the proverbial proxy in attendance. To say the least, I was glad to have been there.

Let me entail without trying to repeat myself and keep this short and sweet.


It started off with my arrival being the fourth one amongst the eventual 15-16 individuals that made it just after the rush hour @ 10:00AM. These heads, not accounting for the 2 reps of NatWest, and a primary speaker that addressed us in the last 45 minutes about Branding, its recent evolution and his own angle considering he is a bit of a veteran on the subject. We had the liberty of introducing ourselves to one and other for the first 30 minutes or so. This was a good time for people to seek out potential networking capabilities with some that may have a closer relate to some other individuals and their area of expertise. And later I shall also explain why this is a significant thing to do at events.

Meet & Greet

This done, we were all requested to proceed to the meeting room and were seated on an oval table servings some decent cupcakes, juice and water. The initiation of this part of the event was introduced by one of the NatWest reps, suggesting the purpose of the branding event and thereafter, some much expected up-selling of NatWest products and services; to then lead to us having to give a 30 second introduction of ourselves and our backgrounds, mine being within the web development services realm.

Eclectic Mix

What I found particularly pleasant was the eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds; I can say with surety that this included people of all colours and I think this was to me, a very imperative and positive feeling as I may have attended this event that is held on a monthly basis for the first time, but I never said that this is the first event that I have attended of its kind.

In part 2, I will shed light on the various people that attended, the keynote speaker and his brand awareness knowledge, and the answer to the reasons to concentrate on selective networking within this or any given event. Stay tuned for part 2 from The link also provides information about the web development services we offer.