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Created on: December 21, 2018

Updated on: December 29, 2018

One area within the air travel industry that is ripe for disruption is airline loyalty points and one of the major issues here is.

How can we improve the communication between different members of an alliance or pact?


These days a lot of airlines have joined together within an alliance and these alliances exist to help open up capacity on key routes throughout the world.

This means that if I am travelling between New York and London and I book with American Airlines for example.

At the time of booking there isn’t enough capacity on that flight then I can be booked on to British Airways because they are part of the one world alliance.

I will go in to more detail about this within a forthcoming transport article. Anyway, let’s get back to my main point about loyalty points.

On my flight, I have accrued loyalty points on my journey and I would like to transfer my loyalty points from American Airlines on to British Airways.

Right now, this means that I have to call American Airlines and wait possibly over 6 weeks for the transfer process to be completed.

How can this set-up be improved?

Well let’s imagine that your loyalty points can be accessed in real time instead of it being accrued as it is now in your history.

As soon as you landed at the airport your loyalty points are placed on to the blockchain and this means that your points cannot be changed or mutated and these points can then be accessed by other providers to help view your current purchases.

Say for example you are viewing these loyalty points on an app within the airport.


These other providers for example a car rental company can then send you a notification using the GPS on your phone to inform you that they have a special deal on car rentals starting today and you could use your loyalty points to get money off your car rental.

You then decide that this is a great deal and you take advantage of it and rent a car at the car rental desk.

The points that you use are automatically updated on the blockchain and the airline knows that you have used them to rent your car.

This means that you are the beneficiary of a new real time platform for loyalty points on the blockchain and possibilities are literally endless.

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