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Created on: July 16, 2018

Updated on: July 16, 2018

At the May POC Tech there was a seminar about how to transform yourself and change careers, be it web development services or otherwise. There was a lady who spoke about her transformation from a career as an asset manager in the financial world to becoming a clinical therapist.

As with most things there are a series of steps that you have to make and she spoke in great detail on how you can make those steps with a real passion and belief in what you can do.

Subliminal Messages

During childhood as we are growing up there are subliminal messages to shape what we do. There are also a series of belief systems that help us to interact with the rest of the world based on fear.

Within our society, we are taught that to achieve success you must have a well-defined status and identify the problem was that; this did not fit in to my values and belief and she felt like she was a fraud.

“I was raised to get an education and get a job and I was firmly in the box”

These thoughts were conflicting and this caused a certain amount of stress in my life.

“I had no motivation that mind set did not serve me any longer”

We all have to deal with negative thoughts and deep down “I had known in her stomach that she felt so uncomfortable in my job”.

Negative Thinking

We can all get stuck in to a cycle of negative thinking and thoughts and this meant that if I tried to make a move to empower myself by going on a course. The course won’t open any doors for me and this creates this cycle of miserable thinking.

There was a force that was pushing her to the edge of a cliff and there was a conflict in her mind.

There is no plan?

She did a course in cognitive behaviour therapy as a means of personal development. This was a very immersive course and it helped to change my own mindset.

After a few months of having these conflicted thoughts she walked in to the office and she resigned as an asset manager.

This was very scary and the moment she handed in her notice her shackles had been broken.

“What have I done?”

“How do I get clinical experience?”

“What if I fail?”

You have to learn about your fear and recognise it and accept it. Face, it and confront it head on. Fear doesn’t leave us it morphs in to something else.

CV's are about your old life

Your CV is a tapestry of your work that you used to do, web development services and any other work too; you have to push your CV to one side and market yourself in a variety of different and innovative ways. This will help you to grow.

The next thing you can do is to think about the various conferences and seminars that you can attend. These are essentially the places where you can go to network and get your name out. More recently through my own experience I can attest to this, networking events are the places where you can show your unique talents in the world of work today.

However, it’s important to note that you must take tiny steps for you to achieve your goals otherwise if you have too many grandiose ideas you can easily become very overwhelmed and this will impede on the “How” to achieve your entrepreneurial goals on a day to day basis.

Tiny Steps

Some of us have our passions that are at the forefront whilst others it takes some time to realise these passions. Her journey was over a period of 2 years and it required a daily grind that encompassed dedication and focus. Her passion was realised a lot later on and once her passion was ignited her soul was on fire each and every day.

There are people who ask how I can start if I don’t have any money, well, your skills are prised in the market place today and you can barter your skills web development services skills in my case, and exchange them. Make sure that you document this in the form of a binding contract.

Always remember that she had to screen out the outside world i.e. friends and family and I had to call on support; there are some days you won’t be able to ignite your fire and I don’t feel like imparting any web development services education for example.

Embrace the journey and move forward. Focus on your goals by making tiny steps that will lead you to fulfilment.

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