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Created on: June 27, 2018

Updated on: June 27, 2018

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A few weeks ago, I published an article about enablers within the world of tech, well there are enablers and connectors within the sports tech world as well and they help you to connect to local gyms and services so that you can use them to improve your own health and fitness.

Today within this realm there are a lot of web development services applications that can help you to better manage your own health and fitness and they include the following:

Self-management apps log what you eat, track your sleep and BMI weight

Active Esports more active in your home or gaming

Maximising performance professional quality analytics to sports teams.

There are two groups of people that the fitness industry tends to focus on to a certain degree; these are the worried well and everyone else.

Worried well

These are people who have a relatively high disposable income and they are regular attendees of the gym. They are very interested in the intersectionality of sports and technology and they have no qualms about spending vast sums of money on subscription’s or equipment.

The rest of us

We tend to use the gym sporadically and we don’t have the means to spend the money on subscriptions and or equipment.

How do we get people to become more active for the rest of us?

A 20-minute walk cuts your risk of death by a third

There is a start-up that targets women who want to walk in a safe environment. The Safe in the city app make it safer for women to walk after dark by extrapolating crime data on to a map. This helps women to feel safe whilst they walk by reducing their fear of crime.

And another start-up web development services app called Bike citizens this share data to map the best route through a city to help manage the flow of cyclists in a city

Gym intimidation

I have been a fitness fanatic for a few decades, I used to go to the gym at least twice a week and I really enjoyed it. However, there was a particular event that occurred a number of years ago that put me in a very vulnerable position and it made me question my devotion to the sports and fitness industry.

On a Saturday afternoon at my local gym I was using the exercise bike at my local gym and I was physically assaulted by another gym member. After the assault, there wasn’t any staff around to deal with the situation and the general manager of the site refused to come and deal with the situation.

In effect, I was hung and unleft out to dry as they say. It was only after a high-level intervention that I made via email to the CEO the following week that the centre dealt with this issue. Gym intimidation is a really big problem in the world of fitness today and it is one of many reasons why people do not go the gym.


Question Do these groups focus on the worried well as they say people who have a disposable income? Or do they focus on the worried well?

There was a panel of people from Life fitness, RSA and Public Health England. These organisations are within the tech sports hub space and they are looking for ways to help change the society through digital transformation.

Who are they?

Life Fitness are a large company and they have a web development services digital transformation hub and they look at small companies that are disrupters. We solve problems with digital equipment and we are now looking at the players who are not established and we incubate them before we bring them in to the fold.


Fitness fits within a wider societal challenge space and these are not the same as markets. It’s important to understand your market. There is the worried well and there are things such as obesity and this is more systemic. Understand the wider challenges before you create an app to solve those problems.

Public Health England

What are the health implications for decreasing the levels of obesity for everyone?

There is an assumption that is made that the private sector and the public sector do not safeguard the use of the data that is used. This means that a data breach can occur and this causes a lot of reputational damage to these organisations.

These problems are a lot more complex and they require a laser focus to help bridge the gap.

There needs to be a framework that is used to bridge the gap between the public sector and the private sector.

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