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Social Diversity Season

Created on: June 27, 2018

Updated on: June 27, 2018

What is the DC Experience?

During the month of April at POC Tech there was a seminar about The DC experience. What is the DC experience you may ask? Well, this is an academy that was founded by André Stephan and its aims are to provide opportunities for youths to improve their skills to help them have a leg up in the world of work.

This includes social campaigns as well as a series of workshops to help them enter the world of web development services work for example, and to get them off the streets.

Struggles and growing pains

As André was growing up there weren’t people who looked like him working within the world of tech as he was growing up. (It’s funny to see that some things don’t change in the tech world)

As he moved through the education system as he grew up André spoke about the struggles he experienced within the education system.

Meanwhile towards the end of his GCSE course at school as he was about to complete his GCSE’s at high school the teachers had decided to move him from his course on to the BTEC stream. This was one of many struggles he had to contend with during his time navigating through the world of Further and Higher education and it has an impact on your confidence and yourself esteem as you start to prepare yourself to move in to the world of web development services work.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of rejections as he progressed through his career and eventually after completing his first degree he submitted an application for a scholarship. Thankfully he won the scholarship and he went on to complete his Master’s degree at Loughborough University.

There are a lot of students who are struggling and they need the extra support to get them through the education system.

They may not be academically gifted, however the pressure to perform may be too much for some of them.

These days, there is a lot of pressure on the young to move through the education system, this is at a time where there are too few jobs available when you have successfully completed your higher education qualification.

Plan of action

The main aim of the academy is to help young people to nurture and curate young talent to gain these skills through technical workshops and social campaigns that concentrate on mental health, knife crime etc.

The academy helps the students by compiling a plan of action so that they can use the plan of action to improve their chances of getting work when they leave the programme.

As you may know there is a disparity between the theoretical skills that you learn within higher education and the practical skills that you need to successfully compete within the world of web development services and tech.

André collaborates with the Africa centre and this is a hub that has been set up for anyone from the African diaspora.

The seminar was an interesting tapestry of the struggles that young people face today as they move through the world of education. There are a lot of young people who have been excluded from the world of work and it is extremely important to reach out to them to give them the tools to have the chance to use their skills more effectively in the world of tech.

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