Why do some tech organisation's use candidate’s tech tests results as part of their own software development lifecycle?

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Created on: December 15, 2017

Updated on: December 15, 2017

Why do some tech organisations use candidate’s tech tests results as part of their own software development lifecycle?

As you may know if you want to move in to the world of web development services and tech as an employee, then there is a whole lot of competition around at the moment.

This may include the daunting prospect of attending a series of job interviews.

The components of a job interview

Developer inspired interviews can be a very stressful experience, and it usually includes the following:

  1. First interview
  2. Test
  3. Second Interview
  4. Final Interview

This was my collective experience a few years ago when I mistakenly decided that I needed to get a "job".

In my case I had to go through the above-mentioned process over a 10-week period and this was challenging to say the least.

The first interview

The first interview is usually with the HR person within a small to medium sized enterprise and they usually assess you to see if you have the "right" interpersonal skills to suit the job.

The test

The next phase is the test and this usually consists of a highly unusual scenario in which you have to create a web development services software program that is designed to help the organisation.

You can see a few of these tests on my GitHub page which is listed here:


After completion of these tests, the organisation will contact you to invite you to another gruelling set of interviews until they make a decision.

In my experience, they don’t provide any constructive feedback on how you have fared in these tests.

Open Source Software

Meanwhile, over the past few years, there has been a lot of activity within the open source coding community.

You may have heard a number of large organisations such as Microsoft, Apple to name a few who have open sourced their web development services software.

There are many reasons why they do this but one of the major reasons is because these organisations tend to have scale; this means that they own and lease their infrastructure to everyone.

How are we affected by this?

As developers, we all have a stake in open source web development services software.

So, you may ask what are the consequences of these types of actions?

Well you have developers working on your code for free.

Open source software consequences

This helps to target the bugs in your software code and it helps to make it more robust in its form.

It also helps to engage with your community to help encourage developers to develop applications on your systems and it builds trust.

Meanwhile, there are foreseen consequences to this, if you have small groups of developers developing applications on your systems, they create software that everyone wants to use.

Their web development services software will be more popular to those consumers compared to your software.

This results in the bottom live being squeezed.

How do we counteract this?

You can inject capital in to a side project, then grow the side project gradually whilst the development team that is making the money continues to do their thing.

You can replicate the work that they do and since money isn’t an issue you can replicate the work that they are doing.

This is possible because you are a large firm and you can quite easily afford to invest in to a venture even if it doesn’t immediately produce a profit.

After a few months then you can release your new product and develop a number of tweaks to it. This will in the long run demolish the competition.

Now you may ask how does this relate to taking tests as a software developer candidate?

The devil is in the detail

Well the devil is in the detail, there are organisations that use the results of these software developer interview tests for their own needs.

They incorporate your results in to the products that they develop, test and sell. The best thing is that they don’t need to pay for it.

Now that’s something to think carefully about when writing your test at an interview.

Has this happened to you?

Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for further tips and tricks from


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