How to convert a rasterised image in to a vector image using Adobe software ?

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Created on: December 02, 2017

Updated on: December 02, 2017

There are two types of images that are important if you are intending on starting your own web development services business. These are rasterised images and vector images.

What is a rasterised image?

A rasterised image is an image that is made up of a bitmap image that consists of a series of dot matrix blocks.

If you try to magnify a rasterised image you will notice that it looks like a series of blocks.

In our case I designed a business card using Adobe photoshop. You can see the back of our web development services business card below:

Our Business Card

In my experience we tend to use rasterised images within web development services offered, and we use media queries to scale these images so that their size changes due to the viewport width.

However if you need to print out these kinds of images they will not scale well if they are in a rasterised format.

They dont look that great when you want to make these images bigger or smaller on Tshirts, mugs and business cards etc.

What we need is a vector image.....

What is a vector image ?

A vector image is created using illustration software and they use mathematical equations and geometrics to create clean art. This artwork can be scaled infinitely without any loss of quality.

Our task is to create vector based artwork using artwork produced within a rasterised format within photoshop.

We need to convert our artwork and to perform this we need to use Adobe Illustrator.

(These are Mac instructions)

Open up Adobe Illustrator

Select File Open

Select your Photoshop document.

On opening your document you will see the screenshot listed below:

A picture showing the import options

Select flatten layers to a single image

Select OK

Go to the top menu and select All

You will see the Image Trace option listed at the top in the red circle.

A picture of an image trace in Photoshop

Select High Fidelity

Select File Save As to save your file

You have successfully created a vector image and this image can be scaled up or down without any loss of quality.

From my experience, vector images are very versatile and they can be used to create business card's, leaflet's flyer's etc.

Stay tuned for further tips and tricks from The link also provides information about the web development services we offer.