The Ultimate Guide To Energy Saving Solutions Part Two


Created on: March 04, 2019

Updated on: March 04, 2019

In the last article we discussed how energy grids work and in this article we will discuss how you can contribute to your local community by becoming a prosumer.

Micro grids

According to the Department of Energy in the UK a micro grid is a local energy grid with control capability which means it can disconnect from the traditional energy grid and operate autonomously and it is free standing. So, for example it can consist of a small building, one person and a backpack solar panel.

The way it works is this say for example that during the summer months we receive a lot of sunlight and this sunlight hits the solar panels on the roof of your home. The energy that is produced is then sent to some sort of a home management system.

Home Management System

Your home management system regulates that energy that is produced and it determines whether this energy can be used by your home or stored within a series of batteries.

Or it can then be used to supply your local neighbourhood energy grid. This is where for example a group of homes in a particular locality could benefit by using the energy produced by your home for a cost.

This type of arrangement could be governed by smart contracts and it would supply electricity to the other residents at certain times of the day that you specify within your smart contract.

This means that your become a prosumer as opposed to a consumer and this is because you become an energy supplier for your local community.

As you may know if you use one of those, cloud based thermostats you will know that there is a local competition in your area for the least leafs or lowest energy consumption.

If you use this technology your home will set an example to the others on how to be energy efficient and hopefully carbon neutral and this will mean that you are helping the environment in a sustainable way.

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