Metadata On The Blockchain

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Created on: April 17, 2019

Updated on: April 17, 2019

Back in the day

Whilst I was growing up, my Dad used to subscribe to a number of photography magazines you know the ones that were posted to you. He had an interest in the world of photography and he had those SLR cameras that have made a comeback of the past decade. It’s quite funny to think that these types of cameras at the beginning of the 2000’s were beginning to look like relics from the past.

Dumb Phones

These days most of us carry our cameras in our pockets, and it wasn’t always like this. During the early 2000’s I remember going to a friend’s flat and one of his friends had one of those monthly phone contracts where you could test the prototypes that were around at the time. This was during the era in which our dumb phones were transitioning to smart phones.

One of the problems I remember were that the cameras on these phones were only just starting to take shape. The problem was that the cameras were usable however there was one missing element that didn’t arrive until the iphone flew off the shelves.


This issue was meta data, and you may ask what is meta data? An academic description of meta data is as follows “a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.”

Now this doesn’t mean too much to us right now because this definition has been taken out of context. (Where have I heard that statement before…. Mmm we tend to hear it when a media organisation uses it to justify its viewpoint).

Say for example we have an iphone and we take a picture, the software uses the meta data in this case the GPS device uses its location, date and time to stamp that picture and this data is stored on the picture that we have taken. This type of data is very ubiquitous and it is one of the methods used by the police to build a profile of you and your movements, it’s also used to prove that you were here or there in court cases.


I enjoy taking pictures of people and places and I tend to follow lots of photography enthusiasts on my Instagram account. It helps me to grow and appreciate the different perspectives in life and I find that the more open you are to different perspectives the better you are as a person because you are able to appreciate our differences as human beings. As we all know another emerging technology is the blockchain and we are beginning to see a number of blockchain enabled mobile phones.


One of the interesting adaptations of this technology that I would like to see is wouldn’t it be wonderful if the meta data stored on the picture that we have taken on our forthcoming mobile phones is saved on to the blockchain. And it would be great if in 10 years I could say do you remember the time when we used to take pictures and they were saved to the cloud?

I would like to amend this to say do you remember when we used to take pictures and they weren’t saved on the blockchain?

This would mean that our newly emerging blockchain technology has become ubiquitous in all of our lives.

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