Best Blockchain Aircraft Parts Part 2

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Created on: February 08, 2019

Updated on: February 08, 2019

Within the last article, we discussed the business model that is used when it comes to the “just in time” business model.

This has an impact on the availability of the spare parts for an aircraft at the respective hangar. We looked at how Hartsfield International Airport has to have a collection of spare parts on hand at the airport so that aircraft are not held up because the engineers have to source the part.

The airport must have sat down and worked out which aircraft spares are frequently replaced and they weighed this up against the spare parts that don’t need replacing that often.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various actors within the supply chain at any major airport. The aircraft engineers need to inform or notify the aircraft spare parts team of any spare part that they require usually this will be done using an internal application on a hand-held device of some sort.

How the part is picked ?

The spare parts team will receive a notification of the exact part number they require. The team will then enter the part number on their application and the spare part will show up in the warehouse in a hangar nearby or on the other side of the airport.

Advanced Robotics

A robot then retrieves the spare part and it then distributes it on to the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt ends at a point where the logistics department have a van of some sort ready to distribute the spare part.

The various actors are as follows:

Engineer Spare parts team Robot Logistics department

One of the major problems with this set up may due down to the behaviour of one of the actors whereby one of them wishes to steal or thieve from the airport. This creates a situation where the engineer keeps on reordering the spare part and this results in multiple requests on the system.

Problems down the line

Usually on these internal systems a flag will notify management that there is a problem with the system and usually this doesn’t get followed up immediately. Most organisations are very busy and this doesn’t get resolved until much later along the line.

One of the ways in which this particular problem can be rectified is to add these actors to the blockchain. The blockchain will help to ensure that there is transparency and it will mean that hackers would have trouble hacking in to the system because everything isn’t written on to a central block. It will be written to many different disparate blocks. This results in the actors along the chain will have their privacy protected whilst working in a highly secure environment.

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