Best Blockchain Aircraft Parts Part 1

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Created on: January 25, 2019

Updated on: January 25, 2019

Another area within the aviation sector that could be improved is the provision of spare parts for aircraft within a hub airport. It is an area in which the wider public does not get to hear about and most people wouldn’t even want to think about the fact that aircraft need to be serviced and the parts need to be available to the airlines.

Hartsfield International Airport

A few weeks ago, I watched a really futuristic programme on the television and it was about an airport that is the busiest airport in the world and this is Hartfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia United States. The airport uses technology in a big way and the airport prides itself in organising itself in a decentralised way. This was in stark contrast to a similar tv series airing in the UK about London Heathrow airport. One of the areas the Hartsfield programme touched on was the issue of aircraft parts.

Just in time model

If you look at the business world outside of the airport let’s take for example car parts, if I had to source a car part for my car they tend to use the “just in time business model”. This means that they fly my spare part from another country within the EU single market that was set up in the late 90’s.

The problem is that a hub airport cannot use this business model for their aircraft and the reason is simple. If they did this would mean that their aircraft would be sitting in a hangar as opposed to being in the air.

Hubs and Spares

Airlines do not make money if their aircraft is sitting on the tarmac. This means that the aircraft spares have to be freely available for all of their aircraft and they have to create a space to store all or most of these aircraft spares.

Finding the space for these aircraft spares is not going to be easy and in Hartfield International Airport they use the latest robotics to ensure that the parts ordered by the engineers are easily accessible to the engineers that manage the operation.

This results in increased productivity because human beings aren’t going through trying to look for these spares.

One of the problems is that we airlines need to be able to track these assets otherwise these assets could get lost or perhaps even stolen if there aren’t the processes that are required to keep them within the department.

Transparency & Blockchain

How do we provide this opportunity to enhance visibility and transparency as they move through the value chain?

We can improve these factors with the blockchain by identifying the various pinch points through the process of distribution to ensure that each actor has the appropriate authorisation to handle the parts at each node. We will explain this in more detail in an upcoming post.

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